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People all over the world love horse racing and bet on the horse which they feel that it is going to win the race. It is believed that the horse with best breed and training can win any race be it full of obstacles or just a normal race with jockeys mounted on the horses. Betting over the internet on some player and horses in a sport has been very common scenario nowadays. It is fairly very common in a game of horse racing to bet for a winning horse.

The working of sites like

Keeping in mind about betting over the winning horses several online sites were created, one among them is It is a site where betting players are provided with free money or they can bet for their horses for free and if they win then they get the chance to win real cash. It is a site that is popular in UK. This site asks their clients to choose seven horses of their liking among the choices that are given who the clients think might win the race. It is a new kind of bet that is gaining popularity among the people where they can bet on seven different horses which the clients deem fit for their bet.

The money that is won from this site is real and official, no cheating or fraudulence activity takes place in this site. In these websites a player has to choose seven horses among the given race cards. The bets on the seven horses that are made are basically for seven different races, be it on the same day or different days. A player can invest as much amount as he or she wants on betting in these sites and if luck favors take home double the money invested.